May 4-8, 2020

Teacher appreciation week is May 4-8, 2020.  It is safe to say, we appreciate our teachers and staff more than ever these days!  The PTO normally runs a bunch of activities for the teachers, specialists, and staff throughout the week, which typically include a breakfast, a snack cart, and a catered luncheon, among other things.  Unfortunately, these events are not going to be possible this year.  Instead, we will be hosting a virtual teacher appreciation week to show our gratitude for all that the West Elementary teaching community does for us.  We will also be raffling off some gift cards and purchasing a special gift for our teachers/staff that they will receive when they get back to school. 

We will need the help of our West El families to make the virtual teacher appreciation week a success.  We will be celebrating in a different way every day of the week (description below).  We are hoping that you can have your child(ren) participate each day.  Please email your teacher directly each day with the corresponding pictures, drawings, photos, videos, etc.  If you are comfortable, it would be great if you could also post on the PTO Facebook page.  Please remember to include any teaching assistants/aides that help out in the class and any specialists that your child sees (Speech, Reading, OT/PT, ELL, PE, Art, Media, Music, Social Workers, etc.).  There are also many other members of the West El community that we are thankful for, including the Principal, Assistant Principal, nurses, front office staff, cafeteria staff, custodial staff, etc.  

Monday - Thanks a Bunch! 

Much like flowers in a garden, our teachers and staff brighten up our school and help us bloom.  Please shower your teachers with virtual flowers to show how much they have helped your children grow this year.  You can have your child(ren) draw pictures of flowers/bouquets and email them to their teachers or have them create/pick actual flowers and send their teachers a photo or video with a message about how they have helped your children grow.  Click here for a flower coloring sheet to make things easier for the younger students.


Tuesday - The Gift of Laughter! 

Let’s give thanks to our wonderful West El teachers and staff by putting a smile on their faces.  Email your best jokes, funny stories, and funny faces to your teachers.  The teachers will love your emails, photos, and videos videos! 


Wednesday - High Five Day for our super specialists and staff! 

Hands down, West Elementary has the best specialists and staff.  Let’s not forget to thank them!  This includes the PE, Music, Art, and Media Center teachers, Reading, Speech, ELL, OT/PT specialists, nurses, social workers, Principal, Assistant principal, front office staff, cafeteria staff, custodial staff, and various teacher aides and assistants.  Please recognize as many of these super stars as possible by emailing high five drawings, videos, or messages.  Kids can trace/draw their own hands and mark each finger with something special.   Click here for a list of West El staff and their email addresses.


Thursday - Teachers are Super Heroes! 

Our teachers are just like super heroes.  Please have your child dress up like the super hero that best represents their teacher(s)!  Snap a photo, draw a picture, or record a quick video clip to send to your teacher.  Since teachers are super heroes even without costumes, some students might want to just dress like their teachers dress every day!  Don’t forget to include the teachers’ super powers!


Friday - A Few of Our Favorite Things! 

There are so many things that we love about our teachers!  Please have your children get creative to highlight their favorite things about our teachers and their classes.  They can write their teachers a note, sing them a song, or click here to download and complete a "favorite things" fill in the blank.  They can even use the song Favorite Things, from The Sound of Music as inspiration!



Thank you in advance for your participation!  Please contact with any questions.  


Thank you,

The West Elementary PTO