Cafeteria Volunteers needed everyday 11:30-12:50pm
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For those who sign up, below are instructions and points to note:

Thank you for signing up! Your time is appreciated and I hope you enjoy helping out and seeing your child(ren) during lunch.

Our goal is straightforward – provide kids with a clean table to sit down for lunch. As classrooms leave the cafeteria, wash down the tables before the next group of children sit down to eat.

As you walk into the cafeteria, on the right side of the cafe by the windows there will be two cardboard trays, gloves and wash clothes (one for each volunteer) for you. As the children leave the tables, wash down the tables by wiping everything into the cardboard trays. On the left side of the cafe by the windows, there is a red bucket for the one peanut free table. The peanut free table is labeled. Use the red bucket for the peanut free table to avoid contamination.

Recycling at West El Caf:

In fall 2013, the cafeteria started the drain and drop recycling program where the kids can drain whatever they did not drink at lunch (milk, juice, water) and then recycle those containers. There are three containers in the “trash/disposal” area

  1. Drain container - for liquids only (milk, juice, water) not for yogurt, syrup, ketchup etc.
  2. Recycle buddy - to capture all the drink containers except for foil pouches (capri sun etc.).
  3. Trash - all straws, trays, cutlery, napkins, food, containers that are not cleaned (yogurt etc) go into the trash as well.

As a helper in the cafeteria, you do not have a specific responsibility to the recycling piece but if the opportunity arises to help someone separate their trash from recycling or direct someone who forgot that is always appreciated!
For questions on what can and cannot be recycled please contact