Have you met Nancy Buckley?

mother to Abigal (7th grade) and Michaela (5th grade), 
“retiring” PTO President and Board member for 5+ years.  
Nancy helps with every PTO event and is a veteran room parent!  
Thank you for all your years of service!

Have you met Veronica Pierni

Mother to Vanessa (8th grade, Teddy (6th grade) and Brian (5th grade), 
Teacher Appreciation Luncheon Chair for past 2 years, 
Regular volunteer at Book Fair, Batty Bingo, WERAWC, etc.!  
We’ll miss you, Veronica!

Have you met Heidi Pearce?

Mother to Nick (Boston University), Karli (12th grade), and Sam (5th grade), 
Constant volunteer at WERAWC, 
Teacher Luncheon, Book Fair, & in the classroom!  
Thank you, Heidi!

And a special thank you to the Year Book Chairs Melissa Rea mother to Conor (5th grade) & Tracey Spruce mother to Tessa (7th grade) & Will (5th grade)! 

Have you met Abby Doughtry?

· Mother to Sam (7th grade) & Ella (5th grade)
· Media Center Coordinator
· Courtyard Coordinator
· Abby is always volunteering at PTO events & in the classroom too!

Have you met Johanna Buoncontri?

· Mother to Charlie (6th grade) & Sam (3rd grade)
· Johanna is a graphic designer who is always willing to share her talents with West El by designing flyers, tickets, invitations on a moment's notice
· Johanna is always volunteering at PTO events & in the classroom too!

Have you met Eleanor Storch?

· Mother to Camille (6th Grade) and Silvia (2nd Grade)
· In 2013, Eleanor implemented the drain & drop program at the West El Café which eliminated tons of liquid waste from our trash removal
· Recently, she introduced stage two of recycling which includes composting
· Eleanor is also a regular volunteer at any and all PTO events & in the classroom too
If you are interested in joining Eleanor’s efforts, please let us know!

Have you met Michelle Lenihan

· Mother to Catherine, Kiera, Abbey & Patrick 
· Michelle is an amazing volunteer who’s willing to do whatever it takes (even hiking through 3 feet of snow last year!) to update the West El sign. 
· She spreads holiday cheer by chairing the Holiday Coffee every year! 
· This year, she successfully chaired our newest fundraiser, the West El Week of Winners, and raised almost $14,000 for the school! Thank you, Michelle!! 
Thank goodness Michelle has young kids and won’t be moving on to middle school any time soon….

Have you met LeeAnn & John Ryan

· Parents of Kaylee, 5th Grader & Kaden (entering Kindergarten in Fall 2016) 
· John & Lee Ann have produced the West El Directory for many years running! 
· As if that’s not enough…LeeAnn has also served as a Book Fair co-Chair, Sweetheart Dance co-Chair, Room Parent, Cafeteria and Media Center Volunteer, Girl Scouts Leader for 4 years with Troop 75194 and is now helping to plan WERAWC 2016! 
What amazing, supportive parents!! We are lucky to have them! 

Get to know Lisa Sheldon

· Mother to Ashley, 5th Grader 
· Book Fair Chairperson for 3 years 
· 3 years of being on the WERAWC Chair 
· Past Chair of the Sweetheart Dance 
· Girl Scouts Leader 
One awesome West El Volunteer!