WERAWC 21 Line-up


The WERAWC 21 Line Up



Laser Reader - All School

Laser Reader is a captivating program that uses laser illustrations to show how reading isn't just about saying words, but rather is about using one's mind's eye to imagine places, characters, and ideas. In Laser READER, we use giant laser images to walk students through some techniques that are proven to help unlock worlds of adventure, characters, and ideas. By working through several examples, students see that reading should not be a passive activity, but an active one where the reader engages in a dialog with the author.”


Scott Jameson - All School


 Scott Jameson is an amazing magician who will present a curriculum based assembly program which explores the vital role communication plays in students’ ability to express themselves, work with others, and explore the world around them! Check out a live video from one of his school performances:  http://www.scottjameson.com/school-assembly/communication/


Mad Science - All School

The Mad Scientist are coming to West! This bright and imaginative team of trained Mad Scientists will offer entertaining, high quality science instruction while ensuring everyone has  a lot of fun! Get ready for fascinating science demonstrations such as chemical reactions, bubbling potions and even an air-pressure powered hovercraft!


 Judith Jango - All school


 Judith Jango Cohen is a renowned non-fiction children’s writer and nature photographer. “All of my school and library programs are interactive, multi-sensory, fast-paced, and fact-packed with appeal to all types of learners. Weaving ten years of teaching skills with stories of my adventures as an author/photographer, I create programs that captivate and educate students about Writing, Science, and Social Studies.”


Jeff Czekaj - k-2



He has illustrated 4 books, and written and illustrated 5 picture books and one graphic novel. His books, Hip and Hop, Don't Stop!, Cat Secrets, The Circulatory Story, and Yes, Yes, Yaul!, were all chosen as Junior Library Guild selections. Cat Secrets was a finalist in GoodReads Best Books of 2011 and A Call for a New Alphabet was named a "Must-Read" book by the Massachusetts Center for the Book.

 “In addition to being a writer and illustrator, I am also a musician. As the DJ of a hip-hop group, I use the skills I've learned as a musician and performer to combine music and video, along with traditional reading and drawing, to create attention-grabbing, interactive presentations that appeal to even the "coolest" kids.”


 Susan Goodman - gr 3


 Susan E. Goodman has written numerous works of historical fiction and nonfiction for kids. A dedicated journalist and adventurer, Susan will stop at nothing for a story, having gone so far as to attend space camp, shoot a blowgun in the Amazon, and fly aboard a cargo plane bound for the Arctic Circle!

 Susan’s talks to students about what goes into writing non-fiction books. “Nonfiction isn’t just facts.  It’s stories about real life and that translates into the relationships between individuals, events, and ideas whether you’re writing about the guy who invented monster trucks or the causes behind the Revolutionary War.”


Sean Bixby – gr 3


 An author/illustrator/sculptor/art educator, Sean will join us to lead fun-filled illustration workshops and share his stories. Learn how to draw a cowranasours rex, or a rooster-gator… or whatever crazy animal creation our students come up with!  http://seanbixby.com/


Sarah Albee - grades 3, 4, 5


 Sarah Albee is the New York Times bestselling author of more than 100 books for kids. Her latest nonfiction middle grade title Why’d They Wear That? is about crazy fashions in history (National Geographic, 2015). She enjoys writing about topics where history and science connect, including Bugged: How Insects Changed History (2014) and Poop Happened: A History of the World from the Bottom Up (2010).  She will talk to our students about what goes into writing non-fiction books: the idea phase, research process, fact checking, bibliography, making choices about content, and the importance of finding a ‘hook’ and a ‘story’ even for non-fiction. 


Monica Tesler - gr 4


 Monica Tesler has just released her first book, Bounders, a science fiction novel about a team of young cadets being trained to become high-level astronauts and go into space, or so they think… Bounders, the first book in a 3-part series just hit the shelves on January 7th.  Our students will be among the first to read it!

 After 20 years working as an attorney, Ms. Tesler changed gears to write this book. It’s never too late –or too early - to become an author! We are excited to welcome Ms. Tesler to talk about the world of science fiction and her much-anticipated new book.


Sean Fay Wolf, gr 4,5


 Sean Fay Wolfe was 16 years old in 2014 when he self-published Quest for Justice, the first book in The Elementia Chronicles, an action/ adventure trilogy set in the world of Minecraft, the most popular video game in the world.

Since then Fay Wolfe has visited many schools telling his personal story of becoming an author, and using the affinity that children have for Minecraft to encourage them to read and write.

 In early 2015 Fay Wolfe signed with HarperCollins to have the trilogy, an unofficial Minecraft-fan adventure series, published worldwide. He was invited to speak at MineCon 2015 in London, the largest Minecraft convention in the world, on the topic ‘Teaching with Minecraft’.  He also spoke at the 2015 San Diego ComicCon on the Middle Grade Spectacular panel.

 In addition to being an unstoppable young storyteller, Fay Wolfe is an avid Minecraft player and loves creating action adventure tales in its endlessly creative virtual world.

 Fay Wolfe is an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America, as well as an accomplished musician and martial artist. He has also created many popular online games in the Scratch programming environment.

He is currently a Freshman at The University of Rhode Island in the USA.


Keith Munslow - gr 5


 An award-winning performer who combines music, storytelling, visual art, and improvisation, Keith Munslow has entertained thousands of children and adults at festivals, concerts, schools and libraries throughout New England - and beyond.  



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