WERAWC Volunteer Jobs

March 6 - March 10

VOLUNTEER Job Descriptions

Ambassadors - Ambassadors “adopt” an author or guest presenter. You meet them in office, show them where they need to go and spread West good cheer! This involves 1/2 day to a whole day.

T-shirts - T-shirt orders are processed the week before vacation. Volunteers count money, record sizes, and disseminate t-shirts the Friday before WERAWC. This involves 2-4 people and involves two 1/2 days at West.

Photographers - Volunteers take pictures at all WERAWC events throughout the week. Volunteers print or provide digital images for use in scrapbook. This involves as little as an hour or a whole day. Can be flexible.

Bulletin Boards - Want to create our WERAWC display? Use pictures and articles about the authors and your creative talents!!

Bookmarks - This involves framing the new bookmark winners. You must be able to keep a secret! This is an at home project and can be completed at your convenience prior to [Date TBD].

Historians - This involves putting together our WERAWC scrapbook for the year. You need to be organized and like arranging photos. There are plenty of models for you. This involves time after WERAWC and is done at home.

Book Table Volunteers - Volunteers will work a 2-hour shift selling books and WERAWC items on Tuesday and Thursday of WERAWC week during the parent visiting hours.

Book Orders - Students may also order books. Volunteers are needed to process book orders and deliver books to classrooms in the week or so following WERAWC.

WERAWC COMMITTEE - Want to get more involved? The committee needs new eager volunteers to help research and recruit presenters, order books, and coordinate the logistics for the week.

Email Sheryl Lomasney, sheryllomasney@verizon.net, the following information:

Name_________________________ Phone____________________E-Mail____________________________________

Children’s grades/teacher ___________________________________________________ (very important for scheduling)

Top three choices! ____________________________ __________________________ __________________________

Availability the week March 6th to March 10th__________________________________________________________________


(Indicate days available: full day, morning or afternoon)