Thank you so much for visiting this page and considering volunteering this year!  Before you do so, you must fill out a CORI form. These are in the school office or you can download. You will need to show your license.  


Next up...

Halloween Spooktacular, October 29th from 2-4p: Check out the sign-up genius here to find out how you can help make this event a success!

Coming up...

The Sweetheart Dance: This will be in February. More to come! 

West Elementary Readers and Writers Conference: We would love to form a small committee of people dedicated to our young readers having a grand celebration. This is in the Spring and dates are to be determined. Please email westelptoandover@gmail.com. There are 1 hour volunteer opportunities, to serving on the committee with bi-weekly meetings for a couple months. 

Throughout the year...

Library Volunteer: If you’d like to volunteer in the library this year, please sign up HERE. Duties include, but are not limited to: shelving, check-in and check-out and assisting Mrs. Kaplan with other library tasks. Volunteer during your child’s library time and you can see them in action while you help out the school! It’s a win-win! *Training dates coming soon! We hope to start soon so make sure all the CORI forms are in! Email Halie Corning at haliecorning@gmail.com with any questions.

Room Parent: A room parent coordinates with the classroom teacher with any classroom needs or communication. Sign up HERE to be a room parent. This school year we are happy to take as many parents who are interested. However, if an overwhelming number of parents volunteer for one classroom we may pull names out of a hat to make a more manageable group. Questions? Email the West El Room Parent Coordinator, Jaci Hollingsworth at jhollingsworth10@gmail.com.

Beautification Committee: West is a big school and we need your help to make it a happy, welcoming place for our children.   No green thumb needed (but if you have one, this is the group for you!). Duties include: seasonal clean-ups, pruning bushes, planting flowers, helping Student Council in the courtyard, and other tasks that help keep West at it’s BEST!  Please email westelptoandover@gmail.com if you can help! 

Next time...

Book fair: We already had the book fair, but please know this happens during open house early in the school year and we ALWAYS need volunteers. So look at for that ask via email or our social channels. Students will be able to fill out wish lists and purchase books during school that week and parents will be able to buy books at the two Open House nights.